April 24, 2011

Why did I get started in Bushcraft?

In the last few camping trips I've taken with my family, we filled up the bed of my Toyota T-100, and headed up into the Rocky Mountains. I realized during the loading and unloading time that we take substantial amount of gear just for a few days of "being away from it all." I realize most of the gear taken was for comforts of the family, but that's when the bushcraft bug bit me. Do I really need all this stuff to live comfortably in the wilderness for a few days?

As time went on, thoughts occasionally popped in my head: "What would I do if my propane for my lantern ran out?" "How would I start this fire if I didn't have my lighter?" "How would I stay warm if my tent got a leak and all my stuff was wet?" I used to scoff at people that take RVs out and call it camping. I realized that veteran bushcrafters probably think the same of my family bopping around in my truck loaded with things to keep us comfortable. We spent more time tending to our comfort items than we did enjoying the outdoors.

In 2010-2011, I was TDY for the Air Force. I was away from my family, away from my Colorado mountains, and away from my camping trips. To pass the time, I picked up studying survival skills that I had seen on popular TV shows like Man vs Wild, Dual Survival, Man Woman Wild, and Survivorman. I watched a lot of YouTube clips, and read a lot of websites and blogs. In my studying, I discovered there was a big difference between survival (as shown on the previous mentioned TV shows), and bushcraft. My next post will explain the differences.

My plans now are to get back to Colorado, get a few more things gear-wise (on a limited budget), and take some time learning the fundamental skills needed to learn from mother nature. I will involve my kids and wife in this process, and post about our adventures here. Stay tuned!

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