September 23, 2011

Email subscription

I just added an email subscription box to the sidebar on the right, labeled "Follow By Email". If you would like updates delivered to your inbox, enter your email address. If you are not getting updates, please let me know.

Am I armed?

I have found in studying bushcraft, there are at least two schools of thought when it comes to arming yourself for protection. One mindset is that you should not bring protection, because it distances you from nature, puts you outside its realm. If it so be that you are prey to some larger predator, you become part of the so-called circle of life.

I have serious issues with that thought process. Mainly, every animal, and even many plants, will defend themselves until death. They have some defense mechanism that they can do or use against anyone or anything that would try to eat them. Why should man be so different? Well man IS different! We have evolved, we have learned to use and make tools. Weapons are a tool, doesn't matter if it's a knife, spear, a bow, or a gun.

September 22, 2011

Rules of three

I was thinking about where to start in my journey of learning bushcraft skills. I am a logical person, and prefer a certain logical order and progression when I learn new things. For me, using the rules of three is a logical progression for studying and skill building.

Many have heard about the rules of three when it comes to survival. The rules of three are simple and easy to remember. There are other additions some have made to the list, but for my purposes these three priorities will suffice. On average, you can live:
  1. 3 hours without shelter
  2. 3 days without water
  3. 3 weeks without food

My 2011 gear list

I have finally gathered my loaded out pack of gear, and have been learning things from blogs and videos across the web, as well as my own experiences and failures. I have slowly collected almost everything I think I need. I have tested much of it in a few camp outs we've had this summer. So here is my gear list, with a quick explanations within.

Tinder - Cotton balls and wax

In building my fire kit, I stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse recently and picked up Coghlan's Flint Striker for around $4. I needed some tinder and from what I read online, cotton balls and Vaseline work good. The problem was the only cotton balls I could find were at the bottom of a box we had in our bathroom, and had a few years worth of haircut shavings embedded in them. I knew my wife would kill me if I dipped these cotton balls in her Vaseline.