September 22, 2011

My 2011 gear list

I have finally gathered my loaded out pack of gear, and have been learning things from blogs and videos across the web, as well as my own experiences and failures. I have slowly collected almost everything I think I need. I have tested much of it in a few camp outs we've had this summer. So here is my gear list, with a quick explanations within.
  • Bags and Pouches
    • Camelbak BFM (military issue) - Free is good, and this stores a lot of water.
    • Canteen pouch (military issue)
    • 2 - Dollar Store camera cases (First aid kit and fire kit) - Compact enough to carry on my belt if needed.
  • Bedding and Shelter
    • Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock (modded with steel rings and tree straps) - This is a great deal for $20! Perfect size, compacts well, and very durable.
    • 8' x 10' blue poly tarp (cheap, I know) - Noisy in the wind, and the grommets don't hold. I may have to replace with a silnyon eventually.
    • Mummy bag - Not sure the brand or rating. Given to me by a good friend as a birthday present after we spent the night out, and I froze the whole night with just my wool blanket. Thanks Colt!
  • Fire kit
    • Coghlan's Flint Striker - Not as hot a spark as some, but it works well.
    • Butane lighter
    • Inner tube
    • 2 - Dollar Store Tea light candles - 1$ can buy you a lot of these. Great for catching the first flames in case the fire dies down.
    • Wax-dipped cotton balls - By far the best spark catcher/tinder I've ever used. See this post.
    • Char cloth (in Altoids tin to make more if needed)
    • Jute twine - Can you ever have enough tinder choices?
  • Mess kit and toiletries
    • Plastic canteen, metal canteen cup (military issue) - My cooking system. With a piece of foil for a lid, this can do just about everything.
    • Plastic spoon from MRE - Very durable spoons!
    • Dollar Store shammy
    • TP
  • Tools
    • Mora Clipper knife (carbon steel) - Great knife, holds it's edge very well.
    • Truper 1.25lb Camp Hatchet - Not the best hatchet because of the width, but it does the trick.
    • EZE-LAP Hone and Stone diamond sharpener set
    • Metal File
    • Leatherman Wave (military issue) - Worth it even if I had to buy it myself.
    • Notebook and pencil (in 1 gallon ziplock)
    • 100' paracord (in 2-25' and 1-50' hanks)
  • Basic first aid kit
    • Band-aids
    • Insect repellent
    • Bandanna
  • Desired items
    • Large plastic yard bag
    • Buck saw - Would like to make my own.
    • Antiseptic
I can't tell you what this all costs, because some things I just had and some things I was issued (for past deployments). I have tried to limit my gear, and pack in more knowledge. As my knowledge and experiences increase, this gear list will probably change. 

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