October 26, 2011

In response to "I am confused about bushcraft"

Ross Gilmore wrote recently on his Woodland Trekker blog regarding the mentality of modern-day bushcrafters, and their attempts to recreate 1800's technology and experiences to become "true" to bushcraft. While he claims his post is his ramblings on the subject, he brings up some good points that I would like to write on.

October 11, 2011

Day hike with Gunguy22 of Coloradobushcrafter.com

Got a message while back from Gunguy22 via bushcraftusa.com forums. He's the author of Coloradobushcrafter.com. He had read one of my messages, and saw that we were from the same town in Colorado. We decided to try to get together for a bushcraft day. Our schedules allowed a day hike, which is what we did.

October 8, 2011

Mora knife sheath mod

I love my Mora Clipper knife. It's the perfect bushcraft knife, and the cost is perfect, at just under $20 including shipping. I've had it and used it for about 6 months now. Recently I filed the spine on the blade to a sharp right angle, so it was easier to strike my ferrocerium rod. Now it's about time I did something to modify my sheath.

October 1, 2011


In watching videos and reading forums, there are a lot of knots you can know how to tie. But in looking further into the subject, I realized there are many redundancies when it comes to knots. Knots can be categorized, and as such you find you only need to know about 4-5 specific knots, for most situations.