October 14, 2011

Aspen Spoon

On my trip out this week, I roughed out a spoon from some aspen. I got around to finish carving the spoon tonight while watching some TV shows. I really wish I had a crook knife, but I made due with a pair of leather gloves, and my Mora. I am really thankful for those gloves, they have slices all over them now.

I still need to buy some mineral or coconut oil to treat it so it doesn't split. The handle is slightly shorter than I had wanted, but there was a knot I had to deal with, so I opted to go just below it. It still fits really well in my hand, and is compact enough to store in my pack. While it isn't the prettiest, it is my first carved spoon. Now I need to soak my sore hands.


  1. Try smearing animal fat on it and heat it over a low flame fire. The Native Americans used this technique to treat their self-bows.

    Cheers, Coloradowildman

  2. Coloradowildman, Thanks for reading and the suggestion! I've never hunted so coming by animal fat is scarce, but it's on my bucket list. I can always try trimming some fat off my next steaks or pork chops and try it.