October 1, 2011


In watching videos and reading forums, there are a lot of knots you can know how to tie. But in looking further into the subject, I realized there are many redundancies when it comes to knots. Knots can be categorized, and as such you find you only need to know about 4-5 specific knots, for most situations.

It doesn't hurt to know more, but as far a bushcraft skills, pick one from each of these categories:
  1. Bend - used to join two lengths of rope.
  2. Binding - used to keep an object or multiple loose objects together.
  3. Hitch - used for binding rope to a part of a ship or other vehicle or object.
  4. Slip - used to attach a line to an object and tighten when tension is applied to the free end of the line or, used to bind one end of a rope to the middle of another, while allowing the knot to slide along the rope.
Source: Wikipedia.com

Of those categories, these are the knots I find I use:
  1. Bend - Sheet bend
  2. Binding - Constrictor knot
  3. Hitch - Taut-line hitch
  4. Slip - Noose knot and Prusik knot
Source: Animatedknots.com

One more related thing of mention is the care and storage of your cordage. For paracord, I have found the hard way that it's imperative that you burn the ends to seal them. Once any of the inner strands start to come out, there isn't much you can do to put them back. For storage, I discovered one of the best ways to store up to 50' of cordage (near the same thickness of paracord) is to use this method. It makes for a nice hank of cordage, and can be deployed very easily without tangles and knots.

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