October 8, 2011

Mora knife sheath mod

I love my Mora Clipper knife. It's the perfect bushcraft knife, and the cost is perfect, at just under $20 including shipping. I've had it and used it for about 6 months now. Recently I filed the spine on the blade to a sharp right angle, so it was easier to strike my ferrocerium rod. Now it's about time I did something to modify my sheath.

First off, I noticed that my knife doesn't stay in the sheath like it used to. One method I discovered to fix that, was to wrap some paracord around the belt clip, putting pressure against the knife handle when its in the sheath. It does a great job keeping the knife in the sheath now. I figured while I was doing that, I might as well make a lanyard to make it a neck knife. I can now use it on my belt, or on my neck.

The next thing I wanted to do was attach my ferro rod to the sheath. After some playing around, I decided to go the cheap way, and use duct tape. My only regret is I don't have any black duct tape, so the silver kinda sticks out. 

I took my tire pressure gauge (the clip-on pen type), which has a slightly larger diameter than the ferro rod, and wrapped the duct tape around it inside out (sticky side out). This created a tubular sleeve. Then I replaced the pressure gauge with the ferro rod in the duct tape sleeve, and looked for a place to mount it to the sheath.

I found that if I used the natural curvature of the sheath front, I could create a tension lock with the handle of the ferro rod. This worked out perfectly. With the ferro rod in the sleeve, I wrapped some duct tape around the sleeve and sheath, making sure I didn't put too much tension on the sleeve.

Except for the ugly silver tape (I have an abundance of silver duct tape in my garage), I think these few mods work really well. I have no idea how to properly fix the loose sheath problem any other way. And I'm just too cheap to spend the $60+ for a Mora Survival knife with he ferro rod holder built into the sheath.

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  1. Just a thought on the "silver tape", I've seen where alot of people are using bicycle inner tube.