May 21, 2012

Wood Trekker: The Cost of Bushcraft

Ross over at Wood Trekker has another excellent thought provoking article regarding the practical daily use of bushcraft. He explains that if you are traveling while using bushcraft, it's really not worth your time to use all the tricks in your bag, there just isn't enough hours in the day. In these situations, a scaling back of the traditional skills, or a modernization of the technology is in order. I think this article portrays a logical and realistic expectation people should have, and the differences in what I would term bushcraft camping, and bushcraft backpacking.

I think you could use a hybrid approach, by stretching the time between when you use the "camping" skills. For example, you could take the time to build a nice shelter with a pot hanger, a bow bed, and a birch bark filter. But use that set up as a halfway point, or base camp for further exploration or travel.

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