December 7, 2012

13 in 2013 - Bushcraft style

ITS Tactical recently posted a plug for a new site called It's basically a goal-oriented site that encourages gaining 13 skills during the year. You can post which skills you want to achieve, and then update it as you achieve them. I thought that I'd do the same thing, but put my goals here on my blog.

I hate New Years resolutions, and this is by no way a list of resolutions. This is just a declared list to help guide my time and attention for the coming year. So here are my bushcraft/woodcraft/wilderness skill goals I'd like to achieve in 2013.
  1. Buy and read Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Skills by Mors Kochanski
  2. Obtain my Bushcraft Basic Cert from Bushcraft USA (description here if you are already a member)
  3. Identify at least 5 different trees or plants in my area, and research at least 1 use for each
  4. Start a fire with pine pitch 
  5. Build a compact fishing kit
  6. Establish a hike-in semi-permanent campsite
  7. Build a camp chair for campsite
  8. Build a natural material shelter for campsite
  9. Take my kids on at least two overnighters at campsite
  10. Learn how to use a bow drill
  11. Locate a natural tinder in my area
  12. Buy and learn how to use a traditional recurve bow
  13. Make at least 10' of cordage from natural materials.
What bushcraft goals do you have for the near-future?

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  1. I love number 6 and think that if I still lived in Oregon I would do that the next set of days I had off. Being in DC i don't exactly have quick access to camping. I think I might end up just doing a similar list. Thanks for the inspiration.